palégrié chez l'henri


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”

Mary Lou Cook

Back to basics for a cuisine that reflects our identity. Committed, inventive, grateful for its origins and always more audacious… Our cuisine highlights the delicacy of plants, the specificities of the local area, the rhythm of the seasons, the authenticity of farming, the gentleness of picking, the rurality of hunting, of sustainable fishing or even the exoticism of our travel inspirations. We carefully select raw products from the surrounding countryside or more elaborate products direct from local producers to revisit them with boldness and poetry.  In keeping with the seasons, Guillaume takes the liberty of experimenting all kinds of combinations to create a cuisine that is intuitive, unexpected and harmonious, where the alchemy of flavours gently shakes up our daily lives.

For this new opus at Le Palegrié, Guillaume, with his strong convictions, wanted to only cook over open fire. Guillaume appreciates the passage of time, primitive cooking methods and the extra soul that fire can bring to gastronomy. By moving away from the conveniences of technology and favouring historic methods, Guillaume offers a cuisine that is ever more creative and delicate. A unique opportunity to enhance flavours and bring back the original taste of what surrounds us. In the intimate setting of Le Palegrié, under the gentle crackle of embers, his contemporary creations are exalted by the flame and its extreme temperatures. Smoky notes of aromatic herbs, countless refined flavours touched by the flames, noble products just braised… it’s a unique experience!

At Palegrié, nature and the land are the real bosses!  The incredible combination of land and local know-how brings to life and develops a number of specific characteristics, creating invisible links that strengthen our everyday attachment to the Vercors.

Chrystel has built up the Palégrié cellar over the course of many meetings, exchanges, moments of sharing and trips into the vineyards. Chrystel is always on the lookout for new treasures, natural wines but without excluding the exceptional estates. Wine is a rich and complex universe, with an infinite number of styles, winemakers… Her wine list offers an eclectic selection of wines from a wide range of regions, continents… And in the end, the wine that makes the mark is the one that has left a wonderful memory of sharing…



Our restaurant is based in the family barn, where spontaneity, authenticity and simplicity live on.



  “Walk through the door… you’re at Palegrié! “

Chrystel et Guillaume



Chez L’Henri
66, rue de la Tour
38112 Autrans Méaudre en Vercors

Restaurant opening :

– Lunch: Monday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday
– Dinners: Monday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday

To reserve your table at the restaurant, please contact us by phone or fill out the form:

04 76 46 07 83

From six guests please consult us for the choice of the menu.

We cannot accommodate all dietary restrictions and certain allergies on the day of y our visit. Please inform us of your allergies at the time of booking.